The War of Faith

rodney howard browne

Religion is often a battle.

One day we feel drawn in the direction of trusting God, and then all of a sudden, we are on the opposite side, doubting Him. The pendulum of our thinking and feelings can swing from confidence to doubt all too simply if we are unprepared. Thankfully, God offers a key to stabilizing our religion. Times of doubt-causing fear, fury, or stress are standard for homosapiens, but we have got the choice to bring these natural feelings under subjection to the Lord. One of the finest methods to begin this process is recalling His nature and guarantees. When Devil is feeding us reasons to doubt, God wants us to draw from our well of religious information.

Concentrating on the Father swings our pendulum to trust. King Jehoshaphat demonstrated comprehensive confidence in the Lord when he learned of an incoming attack. In spite of his primary fear, he called on the people of Judah to fast. Then he spoke an amazing God-centered prayer praising Him, recalling His past provision, and asking for His protection. ( verses 6-12 ) As followers, we regularly accidentally fall into a pattern of praying with self-centered and negative words we detail our problem, beg for help, and jump to our feet still fretting. But the direct result of Jehoshaphat’s prayer was a quiet, trusting spirit. He swung from fear and doubt to confidence by looking not at his approaching enemy, but rather at his almighty Lord. Religion pendulum swings are everyday of followers, but we select the time period we intend to hover in the shade of doubt.

Faith-growing trust is only a prayer away. One thing more.