Great Awakening Tour City #18 Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Susan M Testimony

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No one had ever told him God loved him. No he didn’t know where he was going-He talked about his religion a lot, I continuted with the script. I led him to the Lord and he thanked me and said “It’s not every day tht some one is going to heaven, but today I will be going! Streets We talked to people. We talked to a man at Partners Bar B Que. He said the prayer and then he started crying and told us he was abused as a child and then he walked us to the car and told us that we changed his life.

Susan M
Louisiana United States

Revival in Ocala, Florida

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Dear Pastor Rodney and Adonica, Thank you for the Ocala River. God’s providence and provision led us there and then ultimately to The River in Tampa. Please read: On Monday, October 16, 2006 at approx., 4:15PM in the afternoon. After doing a long day of housecleaning, I decided to unwind and watch Sky Angel for a few min. before making dinner. As I went through a few channels, I ended up on CTN. What I observed changed our lives! I saw a man on the stage of an auditorium that I’ve never seen before (It ended up being Rodney Howard-Browne at the Christ chapel at Oral Roberts University). This man never said a word. He just quietly walked back and forth on the stage moving his hand back and forth as to have been orchestrating the audience. The audience was completely immersed in lingering in the presence of God. There was no pressure to change the course of the service. I had NEVER seen such a thing! I was born, raised and bred in church and NEVER seen the lingering in the presence of God. The first thing I thought to myself was “NO CLOCK!” This particular 10min. that I observed was so desirable to me because I have been in so many services where I knew that if people would be aloud to linger a little longer in the presence of God, God would move on their behalf. However, the structured services that I had previously been in, NEVER aloud this freedom or experience. Here, before my eyes, was what I considered a breakthrough! Heaven on earth with NO CLOCK! The next thing I thought was, “WHAT I WOULD DO TO BE IN THAT TV!” Before I knew it, the program was over. A man at the end of the program came on and spoke for a few min. I got a glimpse of his name and face, but was unfamiliar with him. Regardless, I determined in my heart to go to the same channel the very next day to see more! However, I just couldn’t get this whole experience off my mind! That night upon going to bed, I explained to my husband the above mentioned. He said, that I made it sound so good that he was willing to come home early from work the very next day and watch it with me at 4:00pm. I told him there’s no need for that and that I’d tape the program and he could watch it when he got home. However, the very next morning, Tuesday, October 17, 2006, he went to work. I stayed home and I could not get this experience from the day before, out of my mind. I couldn’t wait until 4:00pm! So, instead, I went on the internet and did a Google search to the best of my ability of what I had remembered of the man’s name. As I searched, the very first search that came up for me was “”. I clicked on it. Next is, UNBELIEVEABLE…on the very front page, THE VERY FRONT PAGE…it said, OCALA FLORDIA ABLAZE, Oct. 17, 18, 19 & 20th! I was shocked because that is where I lived in Ocala, FL! And not only that, Rodney Howard-Browne was coming to our town that very night and rest of the week! Additionally, I clicked on the location of the revival and it was going to be TWO MIN. from our home!!!!!!! I called my husband excitedly at work. I said on the phone, “God has placed this man in our lap!” To make a long story short, we attended that evening and the rest of the week. Then, we came to realize that these services were being held at the satellite church of the mother church in Tampa. This satellite church was extremely welcomed and we were so glad that we could attend, because, we were desperately looking for a church in Ocala. The rest is history….. God eventually moved us to Tampa. We both completed a year of RSW. God has financially supported us with a miraculous job. We’ve been introduced to the FIRE and JOY of God that we never knew before. Additionally, our personal experiences as a family, are too tremendous to express in words and our hearts are filled with gladness and the mere fact of your obedience to God. Thank you.

Mrs. P
Mango Florida United States

Winter Campmeeting 2009 | Linda W Testimony

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I’ve watched every service of your campmeeting this week and it’s been so awesome. I wish I could be there with you in person but even watching on the internet has been SO powerful. I’ve only known your ministry for less than a year but I love you guys and I am plugging in with you. I am an extension of your ministry becuz you have fired me up and my ministry has changed as a result of this. I’ve been traveling singing for 20 years now and this past year I’ve grown leaps and bounds spiritually and what a hunger I have for souls now, a REAL hunger! I am in Ohio winning souls and going into other Churches to fire the people up to go out and win more souls. This week God has given me more of a direction of what to do now and I understand the fire that you’ve been talking about..I am burning inside for souls to be saved! Thank you so much! And I thank God so much for crossing my path with yours, I needed this.. My son is planning on coming to your Bible School this fall, he also loves your ministry and wants to train up under you and we are behind him 100% on this. I will help all I can on your building, I believe in what you’re doing and I know that God is in this. What a blessing!! I feel the Spirit of God everytime you show that video of the building! I just want to thank you………

Linda W
Coshocton Ohio United States