Matters of the Heart | Angela Tilley Testimony

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During this series of teachings on “The Matters of the Heart” some very profound wisdom and courage was planted into my life. These are things that really ministered to me, the story of Saul and David, the differences between religion and Righteousness, finally having a pure heart before God.

The story of Saul and King David Ministered to my heart greatly, because it show’s how pure David’s love for God was. One thing I learned from the story is if we’re doing what we ought to do we won’t put ourselves into a situation like King David. We won’t be on top of the roof looking at Bathsheba while we’re suppose to be at war, at work, reading or whatever the case maybe. David went on to sin against the Lord, showing us that every one will fall short of the glory of God. Later on David turns from his sin and with a repented heart continued serving God. Now David had many different choices set before him as do we in our everyday life. David had the chance to kill Saul twice, but because of his integrity and his Love for God he didn’t. This shows us that if we trust in the Lord our God no matter what situation we get into he will always see us through. God even delivered David when he brought trouble upon himself. David was wise enough to acknowledge God in all of his ways. David was a man after God’s own Heart. This story is the perfect example on the matters of the heart.

Now I want to talk about the difference between Religion and righteousness which has everything to do with the Matters of the Heart. Many people think you have to be religious in order to be Righteous. Righteousness is being free from works. While on the other hand Religion emphasizes on works. No man can earn righteousness, it is purchased by God. Religious people often believe you have to do all sorts of things in the flesh in order to please God. The bible says the opposite of that, there is nothing we can do in our flesh to please God. Righteousness is something we must understand was bought for the believer by the blood of Christ. The Bible does say none is Righteous no not one. Religious people take that scripture out of context by believing it justifies them to be able to do anything and everything they want because the Bible says no one is Righteous anyway. Religious people such as Pharisees believe they have to do all sorts of works to earn it, they honor God with there lips but there heart is far from him. It is so amazing God sent Jesus just so we wouldn’t have to be a far off from him and his presence no more striving to reach him. We can know he came to set us free from Religion. We can put on what was purchased for us, true Righteousness.

One of the most important things I learned in the sessions is about having a pure heart before God. I was refreshed on the teachings of walking in love. Love has everything to do with keeping our heart pure. The Bible says watch over your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life. Pastor Adonica taught us that our heart is like a garden, gardens take time and effort. Our Heart will take time and effort too; we have to get rid of all the bad things in a garden if we want healthy fruit to grow. The same with our heart, we have to get rid of sin, and arrogance, anything that would hold us back from producing healthy luscious fruit has to be pruned from our heart. Any good fruit has to be nourished and cultivated. We have to be very careful what motive we do things in because when we get to heaven everything we have done on earth will be tried and sent through the fire. What is not of God any wood, hay and stubble will be burnt. This would leave us with nothing to show for our life on earth, no eternal gifts to bring our king. This is why we must protect our heart and walk in the Love of God always.

Everything we learned in the “Matters of the Heart” class was absolutely astonishing, some of it was brand new information and some of it was very much needed refreshed information. God has already begun to deal with me about many different areas from the teachings on the Matters of the Heart.

Great Awakening Tour City #29 Athens, Georgia | Kim S Testimony

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As I went out today to speak the gospel of Jesus Christ one man stood out. I went through the scriptures and he know Jesus but said “no” when I asked him if he was going to Heaven. I went on and as he began to weep I could feel true presence of God. We continued and a vision came upon me from God. In the vision God was sitting in Heaven, the man that was in front of me was walking up stairs toward God. Now through Jesus I knew this man was saved. care giver at nursing home soften up, received Christ, hugged Kim. Walmart: guy, girl and baby “we would no go to heaven” gave their hearts to Christ. “Thank you so much”.

Kim S
Georgia United States