Rodney Howard Browne – Maddilyn M. Testimony

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When I went to a person who worked at Lowe’s named Christian.  When I asked him, if you were to die this very second, do you know for sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would go to heaven?  He said “yes,” I said “great, why do you say yes?”  He said because he was a good person.  So I proceeded with the script and he accepted Jesus into his heart today! (the soulwinner is 11 yrs old)

I went up to 3 Hispanic men and started with script.  The one man kept nodding his head and I said “no your have to say it.”  Then the man next to me started reading the prayer in Spanish and the man was saying it in English after me.

I prayed for a young man and he said that he stopped believing God because he lost his grandma. She had heart attack and after she had a stroke so I prayed the first prayer and it came to the part where he had to pray and he rededicated his heart to the Lord even though his friends were laughing.

After going to nursing homes and leading people to Jesus, I had to go get my oil changed in my van and Jesus caught another fish.  The 18 yr old that handled my oil change came back to Jesus.  I used the script!