Ministers Conference 2010 – Dollean M. Testimony

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The theme of our Ministers Conference as those that attended was title No Limits, No Boundaries.

I was totally excited about the meeting.  I had no idea what the Lord had in store for me. We were scheduled to sing this amazing song that our Pastor had heard. The song was written from Jabez prayer in Chronicles 4:10.  I had heard of that prayer and really thought of it as a fad that went around the body of Christ. Seeing Ja-bez   coffee mugs.  Ja-bez teeshirts , Ja-bezplaques on the wall. Thinking to myself, I will not be part of a fad.  Not considering that it is t he word of God that will not return void.   That is an example of what can happen when you slack on the word of God.   As I’m beginning to study this song by the scripture I take out Matthew Henry commentary to study the prayer verse by verse .If Pastor Rodney wants us to sing it then it’s very important that I have a revelation of what I’m singing about. Ja-bez mother bore him in sorrow. I don’t really know kind of sorrow but having children I kinda had an idea where she could have been coming from. But my heat really goes out to Ja-bez because he had to bear the name and the stigma that goes along with it. His childhood was probably miserable. I could relate to Ja-bez personally.  His prayer to the Lord was even though his name meant one thing the Lord could turn thing around, and the Lord was his only hope.

 What I learned from the meetings is that while there are no limits and no boundries in the power of God. We put limits and boundaries on ourselves.   How much we will take off someone, how much we will give, how much we will do.  The Lord says I want to take you pass your limit, your boundaries. I was being made into the prayer.  (BUT GOD) is my motto…He is my strength, my source, my strong tower.  I totally depend on him. He is making me over. And he has changed my name..During the conference I felt I was living2 Corinthians 4:9, troubled, perplexed, cast down always bearing the   dying of the Lord that his life be made manifest.    I learned I must decrease that he may increase.   I wasn’t just singing a song I was and am praying a prayer.  Bless me, keep me, that his hand be with me,  

From evil keep, and don’t let it grieve me…THIS IS MY PRAYER 


Minister’s Conference 2010 – Victoria D. Testimony

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Ministers Conference 2010 challenged me to break off the limits of the fear of man, and breakthrough the boundaries of the things of the past. As Philip Smethurst was sharing on many of the trials that he and other ministers in Africa have endured—the hardships and sufferings of braving the elements, the death of dear friends, and facing persecution—I felt a stirring inside to truly sell out completely to Jesus, to be ready and willing to suffer and even die for Christ. I have been challenged to proclaim the uncompromised Gospel, to stop operating in the fear of man and just keep my eyes on Jesus.

One of the most impacting moments for me of Ministers Conference was when Alison Cruse got up to sing the song Alabaster Box. Everything God has brought me through began flooding my mind and I was overwhelmed with thankfulness to the Lord. God began ministering His grace to me and showing me that it is His righteousness in me that gives me the ability and willingness to obey His Word, I don’t have to muster it up in my own strength. The joy and peace of the Lord began flooding my heart and I felt so light, as if weights had just come off. Jesus is so amazing!