Rodney Howard Browne – Jeff P. Testimony

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The Great Awakening is such a blessing to me and to the people that I speak to. I am amazed that when I speak to someone, whether in the grocery store or on the sidewalk, that they have no idea of how much God loves them. They have never been told about God’s wonderful plan for their lives. They have heard of a God who is ready to throw lightening bolts at them when they mess up. They have heard of a God who gives their Grandmother cancer so she can learn something.

They are so happy to hear about a God who loved them so much that He sent Jesus to teach us about God, and that died on the cross, in our place, so that we can have a great relationship with the Heavenly Father. They are surprised to hear that God wants to help them with ALL their problems in life. They may have heard that if you believe in Jesus that you ‘ll go to heaven when you die, but they have never heard of a God who wants to speak to you and will come to your rescue and help you to live a victorious life right here on the earth.  The people have no idea that the Bible is the word of God and that God gave us that standard, not to make life difficult for us or to take away our fun but to protect us from danger, death, and disease. They  think that the Bible is just a book. But it’s God’s word and there’s power in it when those words are spoken.

The people are surprised when I show them in the Bible that Jesus came to “save” them, not condemn them. They didn’t know that hell was not made for them. They admit that what they “know “about God they heard from someone else, and have not read the Bible for themselves,  and are surprised to see that they have been given wrong information about our Heavenly Father.

To these people, the joy of finding out that God loves them and wants to help them can be almost overwhelming. Sometimes they cry but most of the time their faces are beaming with peace and joy in knowing that they can stop worrying about the lightening bolts. They are grateful that someone told them the truth. Had we not gone to the streets with this news, they never would have heard it because they don’t go to church. However, that’s changing since they have heard the truth about what a wonderful God we serve. –Jeff P.

The Great Awakening services – Rodney Howard Browne

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The Great Awakening services is so amazing. People don’t realize how big it is and how the History books are being written and how big of a foundation is being laid for so many ministries to come. You have to be part of it! Pastors is starting to soul winning! Churches is being changed and becoming   On fire for God, Day 5 of the Great Awakening services was so amazing, People was baptized in the Holy Ghost by the evidence of speaking in tongues  and we believe thousands of people was baptized on the network and CTN. So many people is going to pray the perfect will of God. People is getting healed and at free and people is coming back to their first Love! That’s Revival in America! The altar call is full every night! We are stepping into a bigger realm of God. I experienced the presence of God is so thick and tangible every night you just need to hungry and you just need to reach out for it, and Jesus will come and touch you! Right there where you are. I have been serving and God touches you even while you serve the Holy Spirit comes and minister to you that happened to me every night I attended.

The Phone Ministry WOW where to begin, I got calls all over America and people are so desperate for Jesus They don’t know They don’t know! We need to tell them, people are phoning  in for healing and they want to come back to their first love and so many people are getting saved over the phones! It is so awesome! People are getting baptized in the Holy Ghost and phoning in and giving testimonies how they started to soul win. What is happening is amazing you have to be part of it, and the reward of it all is we give ALL the Glory to God! –Eben G.