Rodney Howard Browne – Andrew M. Testimony

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The highlight for this week was definitely the call center.  Before I logged in on the phone I really asked the Holy Spirit to teach me to let the anointing flow and after praying I was really excited in a way that only comes when your faith and expectation of the Holy Spirit moving is high.

The calls I received were great and I could really feel the hunger of the people.  One lady recommitted her heart to the Lord was baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues and then the fire hit her and she didn’t know whether to laugh and cry…it was so awesome to see God touch this lady and it was such an honor to be part of it.  Another lady phoned for a touch of the fire and for healing from back, hip and neck pain. As I prayed that the fire of God would hit her from the top of her head to the sole of her feet she burst into tongues and I commanded healing over in the name of Jesus. After she settled down enough for me to get a word in I asked her what she was feeling and she said it was like electricity flowing through her. I asked her to do something she couldn’t do before and she said that she could bend over without pain so I just started praising God with her and loving every minute of it.

The third call that really stuck in my mind was a man who wanted prayer to stop loving his wife who he was separated from. I immediately when with the script and he recommitted his life to the Lord and then I told him that our God is a God of reconciliation and gave him some verses from the manual that he could speak out over his situation…I prayed for peace for him and for God to miraculously healthier marriage. I really felt like God touched him and that he hung up with peace and a new hope.

The final experience for the week was while was out soul winning and had a man begin to manifest as he approached us.  I felt broken hearted for the man but at the same time I was ecstatic to know that devil in him could sense the Spirit of God in me before I even opened my mouth. -Andrew M.

Rodney Howard Browne – Shani G. Testimony

Worship Soundtracks from RMIRiverSong on Vimeo.

Groups all over the map are becoming soul-saving stations. The greatest days of His outpouring are still to come. We need to carry the anointing to a lost and dying world. The anointing is voice activated.  We have the power to be a witness. We cannot have revival without the power.  Bible principles will bring Bible results.  We should not even be protesting. Protesting is no where seen in the Bible. In Cairo, Egypt there are over a quarter of a million people protesting.

What has that ever solved? This action is not biblical.  There is change only when the Gospel is preached.  When Jesus went out among the people, He did proclaim a protest, He proclaimed the Good News! We must be sharing the Gospel with everyone because our time is short. We have to have the boldness of God to preach to others. 

Not in a condescending way but allowing the Holy Spirit to convict.  Remember, we are preaching Good News, not bad news.  The Holy Spirit won’t do anything contrary to Scripture.  When we are out on the streets, we are preaching to people’s hearts and not their heads. Head knowledge will only take you but so far.  We must preach with the power of God. The power of God is what made Jesus stand out from the Pharisees and other religious people. –Shani G.