Rodney Howard Browne – Ruth N. Testimony

The Great Awakening tour at the The river Church and going throughout the world by television is gaining momentum.

Lives are being touched and changed on a day to day basis.  If certain individuals were interviewed, they would not find words to explain the presence of God they personally experienced is really like.  I’m honored to be a part under the ministry of Dr. Rodney Howard Browne as I see the lost found, hopelessness diffused by the love and true hope only found in the Person of the Holy Spirit.

I was Present during a Great Awakening meeting in Tampa, FL last night.  People were calling the phones for prayer desperate to be healed, for unsaved loved ones, for peace, to fill the emptiness in their heart with the person of Jesus Christ; not including many other requests. Over a short period of three hours, I prayed with 3 people to accept or recommit their lives to God, and another precious person for the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

My favorite call was a request for deliverance from the spirit of fear.  The lady had been being rent with fear the devil had been attacking her with relentlessly.  The woman was almost in tears as she felt so tormented and trapped in fear.

I told her i wanted to read some scriptures about fear in the Bible.  As we prayed, perfect Love penetrated this lady in her body and commanded fear to go in Jesus Name.  When finished, even her voice had changed. She said she felt the love of God and the peace of God had taken over.  Where the perfect love of God is, no fear can survive!!!!!! -Ruth N