Rodney Howard Browne – Ebony H. Testimony

Bible school has already been life changing for me, and it’s only been 4 weeks. God has been moving in my life, changing me on the inside, and teaching me who he is. Attending bible school has been a dream, but due to my finances, it remained a dream. God moved and blessed me with a scholarship.

I attend the University of South Florida Full time as a senior, and I was going to use my financial aid to pay for my rent, food, etc while I attended bible school and USF. Previously, I was taking classes from USF online from my home in Orland. Two days before bible school began, I moved to Tampa. During the first week of bible school, I received the news from USF, that I would not be getting the financial Aid that was promised. They reduced everything. My first reaction was panic and worry. Horrible I know! I thought to myself, I have classes from sunup to sundown, first class starts at 9 everyday and I have classes that end at 6 p.m. some days and 10 p.m. other days. I needed a job, but one that would be willing to work around my schedule. I have exactly 15 hours free each week between classes and on Saturday. God provided a job that was flexible and willing to work with me.


Rodney Howard Browne – Victor O. Testimony

Dear pastor Rodney, first of all thank you so much for heeding the call of the spirit over such an extended period of time. You, your wife and family are examples in the kingdom of God! Thanks for serving, helping, pouring out, giving, loving, caring and showing God’s love in a practical, hands on way.

God has blessed the Oudhoff family a whole deal through what you have poured out/activated on my father and indeed our family. Ever since I was 8 years – back home we used to watch revival video’s with the laughing man in it, speaking a language that we as kids did not even understand – we used to watch it for hours on end – Drawn like a mob to a flame. Through it the ministry of Jubilee got birthed and the way of the spirit got ahold of us as a family. I for myself can mark the year when my life got changed through Gods involvement in our family life – when my father came back from business in the states and totally revolutionized the course of our heritage! God is faithful always, blessed be God most high for His perfect work!

While life got on in my 20’s I lost touch with God through condemning others and requiring perfectionism of myself through hard labor and strict discipline – which made me a depressed empty judging, all knowing guy . . . Very sad times.  While in church i started to fall away from God and got ahold of drinking beer and having fun with my friends – getting into alcohol addiction and foolishness. I just wanted to give it my all and get drunk with all of my might, expecting nothing else from my friends either.  We laught alot and did have fun. After doing this for quite a while ( 2 years) I started to think I could do life on my own and that I did not need God anymore – I said to God: God I put you on a shelf, I make my own life, I have got talent and charisma to be the best in the field of sales  and business.

That said, it was very hard from that day to think clearly and not worry and fret 🙁 I thought I just needed to get used to it, so I pushed.  –Victor O.

Rodney Howard Browne – Sirkku T. Testimony

The Lord has been so wonderful to us. He showed us a scripture when we were praying for direction for our life. It was Isa. 45:1-3. God told us we would do more than we can ever image and things that are impossible with man but in order for that we had to step into our high calling and live a supernatural life. That required total dependence and trust on Him.

We had such peace after we decided to come here and everything worked out great. We have been so blessed in every way since we landed here. God has provided everything very quickly for us and more. We have been given seed to sow and we have been able to sow and bless other people as well.

The very first day in bible school the Lord touched me with His fire and totally changed my level of trust in Him. This is what the Lord said ”You are safe here. I have put you under authority. I have set you apart. You will go to the next level.” He is doing a deep work inside of me concerning trusting only in Him.

We feel we are in place like never before. We rejoice every single day. The kids are also being blessed and are doing great. The Lord has touched them also. We know this is Gods way for us to the nations and to bring in more souls into eternity than we could ever dream of. That is what we live for.

I have got a new revelation since we came here of how I can press into the anointing. He has filled me with his fire and anointing over and over. God has given me a refreshed faith for miracles and I am expecting Him to move like never before. He has told me to shut the door to doubt and unbelief. There is only one way and that is Gods way. God is getting us ready to shake the nations, that vision has been strengthened in a supernatural way.

God has also touched me in the area of giving and I am sowing in faith and expecting a supernatural harvest. I do not want to hold back anything that the Lord asks of me. I have got a restored trust in Him in all the areas of life. He is my source and supply. Nothing else, no one else. I have experienced a new freedom in trusting Him……Sirkku T.