Rodney Howard Browne – Debbie D. Testimony

My Pastor moved to Florida in June 2010, I felt lost, my mom had just died and I wished I could have died with her.  One day I went to work and I did not want to be there anymore I was missing something, I was missing everything.  I lived in Illinois all my life with my daughter and grandbabies.  Something kept telling me to quit my job leave my babies and move to Florida.  Everyone thought I was crazy.  In a weird way, I thought I was crazy too. However, I was unhappy with everything I was doing except praising God.  I did not find peace until I started giving my stuff away.  I decided when I got to Florida I would help my pastor start their church.  I found a place to live right by my Pastor.

I didn’t have a job but I pulled down my 20 year pension and gave it away to everyone that ask me for some money or to buy them something.  I did not know how to say no.  I went to bible study paid tithes according to the money that I spent for bills and what I gave away.  God is so good……I turned on the TV and came across the Great Awakening and even though I had bible study with my Pastor every day I could not retain anything and it seemed as if the enemy would come and snatch it just as soon as I read it.  I became secluded and did not want to be around anyone, I thought because my mother was schizophrenic I would be too.  I had dreams I did not understand and visions that seem too real.  I had so much fear in me to talk to anyone other than job related.