Rodney Howard Browne – Bill Testimony

God closed so many doors I was crying out to Him for everything in my life to change.  A friend put me in the carpet cleaning business where I was able to spend a lot of time alone with God. I realize now that God was breaking up the ground of my heart to receive the Word. I know now that to be “good soil” takes a brokenness to receive the Word and produce fruit. I am still learning how to receive His Word to produce the fruit needed. When God closed those doors I didn’t understand it, but He was telling me He wanted my total attention. I had good jobs at which I could make a lot of money, but different things kept coming up that changed my course. I applied for a scholarship at the River Bible Institute and I said to God if you want me here, I will go. I think it is the place of “Good soil”.


Rodney Howard Browne – Zach Testimony

I will never be the same again! What a revelation of the Word of God I have received here! I personally have been reconstructed and transformed by the Word of God. Soul winning is the greatest and working in the call center: WOW!!! Praise God, thank you Jesus. I have received a great revelation of the Word of God and seen much fruit in my life. I’m praying for others and seeing them saved, set free, healed and filled with mucho Joy. It must happen to you. All you have to do is yield to the Holy Spirit. When you hear a great message, get out of the boat and do it. There is no time to hold back. Just take the Word of God. And go, preach, teach and demonstrate. Thank you Jesus


Rodney Howard Browne – Kait T. Testimony

Wow!!  “This is only the beginning.” Is all I hear Him saying, and it’s overwhelming something I can’t even fathom, His love, His purpose, His dreams, and His vision for me. I have found myself at His feet multiple times since being here at River Bible Institute. I don’t even know how to explain the pure love I feel for the first time. I do know though, it’s real, without a doubt and like nothing I have ever felt, a deep intimate love of a Father, for me. He is restoring our relationship and my heart, showing me He was close to me through it all. I’ve just never ever felt so worthy and loved. I am more than enough, I am pure in Him.

Since here I have been living by complete Faith and it is exciting, just learning and allowing Him to be my all I depend on, my provider. I am in awe. I’m having trouble just explaining this feeling in my heart, even as I type this, but I just know it’s Him (the fire of God). God is relentless, and when He wanted all of me, He wanted every part of my life. And when I said yes, to the call, and got on a plane in complete faith, in my spirit I felt Him saying “Kaitlyn, you better get ready! Cause I’m about to move in your life.” I just see and feel Him shifting my life back in alignment with His. He knew what I was getting into! Hahaa, and I can’t stop saying YES, and expecting!!

It’s no longer my watch I run on; I’m on God’s time. It’s unbelievable, I love it!! I can’t help but anticipate more of His goodness and all He has for me this year at RBI. I am privileged and blessed. I wasn’t thrown up on the shelf and put there to do nothing. No!! He never lets me go, so where He goes, I go. I was made to GO!!! He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15) So, my pursuit is to be led and used by Him. I don’t want just a day more, or a week more, NO! More is my eternal life; more is my existence here on earth. More is my heart.

The kingdom of Heaven is near. I don’t want to think that God does great, I want to know, I want to taste, I want to see. I want to live it out. It’s Him burning in my heart, and giving me a desperation I can’t shake, or run from for it is a love I can’t imagine my life without. This has brought me to a place of seeking after His word and the secret place, such deep intimacy with my Creator and my King, My Abba, Daddy. I want to hear and know His voice, without question. And can’t wait to be taught, and built up into the mighty women of God He has called me to be……