Rodney Howard-Browne – Sharon Testimony

I’ve been noticing the RBI students seem to be more excited about their helps ministry and their work-study. It seems like they are all excited about the Minister’s Conference coming up, also. Even in the phone center I feel an excitement. It is good to be around a positive atmosphere. When the students go on outreach and come back, they are also excited. I guess they are all getting used to the routine and knowing more about what is going on and what to expect. I really think most of them will return next year. Many of them are getting attacked by the enemy (as usual). I just pray they all press in and overcome. I am so happy to see several of the older students are still with us and made it through. I think it is more of a challenge when you are older, but I may just be prejudiced.

I noticed even the staff seems more energized for this conference. God must be about to do exceedingly above what we could ever hope or think! Our pastoral intern department is really working well together. When schedules get changed or switched around, we all pitch in where the help is needed and everything somehow gets done that needs to be done. God is so good and doing great things in us and through us. I see a maturity in our department among each of us that wasn’t there before. I feel like I grew up somewhere along the line, after all these years. I still have far to go, but I’m enjoying the process between the tears.