Mimie Testimony

The word has been very effective in my life as a result of my heart being receptive to God. My experience is from my heart and has taken place from September 2, 2011 to date. When the heart is right and receptive, peace reigns in our hearts. The points below reflect the fruits the word has produced in my life.


Through obeying the word in the scriptures to humble myself, I have learned to be very submissive and undertake all duties assigned to me with a grateful heart. I have found myself in situations where I have been placed in places I could have said no, this is too degrading for me, but through the Word, I have learned to be humble and now I am able to do any kind of work anywhere, without feeling inferior because I know that I am doing everything to the glory of God.


Through the trials that I have experienced, being in a foreign land and completely away from family with nothing at all, no job and no money to see me through every day, the Word has really planted the kind of patience I have never experienced before in my life. I am living one day at a time; waking up and hoping for a miracle each day. I have learned to fully apply the Word, the scriptures, pray and wait patiently everyday for God’s revelation in my life.

I have become slow to react and very forgiving. I am more patient and very tolerant.


The Word has taken root in my heart and has filled up all the desires that I have not achieved yet. I am fulfilled even when I don’t have anything. The Word has planted confidence and I now fully believe the scripture ‘ Man Shall not live by bread alone’. I now believe that if a heart is receptive, all things are truly possible. I believe that a person cannot die if they do not have a car, money and a few sustainable things. When you turn to the Word, all worries are taken away. The Word takes over and everything, every need is taken care of. God provides. I have experienced fulfillment and to be content and happy when I have been surviving on 50 dollars the past five months. I don’t know how, but God, has given me shelter, and I have food all the time.

Never in my life had I thought that God would bring me all the way just to teach me what I have been through, but I am alive and I fully thank God and still apply the word every day. When there is faith, when the heart is right and receptive, God truly moves.