Victoria Testimony

My first month of internship was very difficult, yet I knew it was a growing process God was doing in me. My roommate ended up in the hospital for almost a month and visiting her a lot in the hospital was really hard for me. I had to face fears that I had of living far away from school and driving all the way out there by myself. Then I ended up temporarily moving closer to school in the middle of Summer Camp meeting. Afterward, my internship was put on hold for a couple of weeks so I could focus on looking for accommodations and work. The Pastors over me and my Supervisor were teaching me so much practicality that I hadn’t learned before. I did end up getting a job. Then on the Wednesday night of RBI Revival I literally had moved out of the place I was at and had nowhere to go. It felt like internship was over – but I made a fresh commitment of my life to the Lord that night. God ended up providing an unexpected place for me to rent at. Even after that God has developed in me the fruit of the Spirit dealing with new roommates and such. I would say many of the areas God has grown me in my first quarter is financial, practical, learning how to deal with difficult situations, and I feel like I have a greater boldness, and confidence in who God has made me to be in Christ. That’s not even the half of what He has done or what I have learned…I could write on and on. God is so good!!


Nancy Testimony

In March of this year, I was living in a town called Ruskin with no transportation. There was nothing in the natural that I could have done. I had to rely on the Lord to open the door of an affordable place with transportation. I had a difficult time trying to leave the place due to weather conditions; rain and flood. In the natural, it looked as if it wasn’t going to happen, but I just believed on the Lord that he was going to deliver me from all my troubles (Psalm 46).  Regardless, if I didn’t understand what was going on, I knew that the Lord wasn’t going to leave me nor forsake me. The Lord had spoken to someone’s heart and they called me about an affordable home close to bus transportation. Proverbs 3:5-6 A month and a half ago, I had sowed a seed and I believed the Lord for a bus pass so I can continue coming to school. That same week someone came to me and said I have a month bus pass and the Lord said to give it to you. I was happy and thankful knowing that the Lord is taking care of me. The Lord has never failed me and he is never going to because I belong to him and I’m his child. The Lord has provided food and rides to go to grocery shopping and other places. I just sense the peace of God and I will continue believing by faith that the Lord is on my side.



Matthew Testimony

When thinking what to write about, I chose to write about how the Lord has blessed me and my family financially. First, let me say there have been times when I had no clue how I was going to get to school. I told myself if God has called me here, He will provide what is needed to keep me here. So, what did I do? I remained in faith standing on His word. I didn’t see any instant results. I think too many people are looking for instant results, but the Bible never said it will always be instant. There are times when I wanted to throw in the towel, but I kept in mind that throwing in the towel was not just me quitting on myself but, on the millions God has called me to. It wasn’t until we were well into the fourth month of internship that I saw my breakthrough take place. My family got an inheritance of $480,000. It was not when I wanted it but, when I needed it most. That is how God works He gives it to you on time, the right time. I am thankful for what He has done for my family and know that it is just the start of what He is going to do in my life