What an awesome experience I had with an elderly lady. She was so excited smiling from ear to ear after praying with me. I said has anyone ever told you that Jesus loves you and she said yes. I asked if something were to happen to her would she go to Heaven? She said yes that she was a good person. I prayed the prayer with her and she repeated word for word and thanked me and squeezed my hand. God is so good. Thank you pastor Rodney Howard Browne for your ministry! Laura H

Sanford North Orlando

We went to a nursing home in winter gardens today. There was a young lady in the lobby doing some paperwork. I felt compelled to go and witness to her. She knew that God loved her but she didn’t know that heaven was her home. I went through the script and prayed with her to receive Jesus in her heart. I could tell she received and was deeply impacted. She had tears in her eyes and said no one has ever talked to me about that! Lauren B.



Joseph & Kristy said, just go along with it, but while saying a prayer, it seemed like they really meant it, then they said ” thank you” Soul winner 13 years old-nervous at first but then got easier. Saw a transformation.
Christina R.

Revival in Jacksonville