Dawn Testimony

Pastor Rodney’s evening series of the Word being sown into the hearts of men has greatly provoked and challenged me to deal with major heart issues that I have not wanted to deal with in a long time and has shown and taught me and enlightened me as to why I have not had any victory in certain areas of my life.  The scripture verses in Matthew 13:20-22 cut right to the heart of the matter and his message on it really hit home for me.

The examples he gave on these two types of hearts and ground, the stony ground and the seed among the thorns was speaking to me loud and clear. Here was my problem and now I need a solution to the problem. I now had to allow the truth to set me free which was for me was humbling myself and crucifying my flesh and admitting my heart is not right before God and to repent and get it right. I went up to the altar, felt strongly convicted and made things right with God.  A great release and peace came over me.   I had been able to finally let go in certain areas and give these problems over to God.

As a result I believe I am now finally able to start to cultivate and bear good fruit and have it not choked or have no root in me this time around. I believe I will bear good fruit as I am hearing the Word of God on a daily basis again and it will take root. It already has and it will make me take action and change and make some major adjustments in my life and heart.

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