George Testimony

I wanted to write a short blog on how amazing and awesome God is when you really open your eyes to all God is, and subsequently open your heart to his word and how it can take root in your life.  One may typically read or hear the parables Jesus shared and think “wow, pretty good stories and outcomes, pretty amazing.” However when your heart is open and receptive like fertile ground Gods word is sown into your heart and really takes root. You can see your life change through your perspective and interaction with situations that arise.  With me I didn’t see an overnight change in my perspective or actions, but awareness of right and wrong in areas that I may have previously seen as gray tugged at my heart. I recognized that perhaps I have been wrong in the past and that I need to be more open to adjustments in areas I didn’t previously realize. I have become acutely aware that I had been more like the seed thrown on the rock where I was filled with joy learning how God loves me and what he did for me.

I thought I learned from the word as I realized it to be the truth but then trials or tribulations would come. I would find myself losing the faith or hope that had seemed so clear and evident to me before the trial. Before I knew it I was a changed man and the fruit was obvious and not only to me but to those around me. That is another joyful benefit, blessing others with wonderful fruit. Fruit in the form of wisdom shared or uncommon kindness and love shining bright like the lamp we are called to be. Amazing results and benefits come from having a heart that is right and receptive to God. Receiving a message on the parable of the sower changes one’s life forever.

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