Rodney Howard Browne – Noble Testimony

Here at Ministers and Leaders Conference, the meetings have been, to put in proper wording; epic! What has been revealed in these meetings has affected my life greatly! A lot of what has been talked about when it comes to our place in America as ministers of the Gospel and as Americans is both shocking and inspiring. It’s time to fight for America and for what many fought and died for here in this country as patriots of America. The speakers have revealed things; a lot about what’s happening in America. I have already known about it and how to fight it.  Like Pastor always says: “the only way to save America is a Great Awakening”. This has a huge effect on me as a believer with the heart of a fighter and a patriot, to know that the fate of my country and those around me rely on whether or not I preach the gospel. I am believing that this is the same effect that these meetings will have on anyone who gets to be a part of them.  Still, I have to treat it like it’s all on me: if I don’t tell people about the gospel, who will?  I can’t just leave it up to someone else. I may be the only person they ever come in contact with that may share the gospel with them. As an American, I cannot sit by and let my country go down. I will not let the enemy have this country without a fight, and as a true believer in Jesus Christ I will not sit idly by and watch so many souls burn away when God has given me the key to free them.  I hope everyone under the sun is catching what Pastor is throwing in these meetings.


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