Victoria Testimony

My first month of internship was very difficult, yet I knew it was a growing process God was doing in me. My roommate ended up in the hospital for almost a month and visiting her a lot in the hospital was really hard for me. I had to face fears that I had of living far away from school and driving all the way out there by myself. Then I ended up temporarily moving closer to school in the middle of Summer Camp meeting. Afterward, my internship was put on hold for a couple of weeks so I could focus on looking for accommodations and work. The Pastors over me and my Supervisor were teaching me so much practicality that I hadn’t learned before. I did end up getting a job. Then on the Wednesday night of RBI Revival I literally had moved out of the place I was at and had nowhere to go. It felt like internship was over – but I made a fresh commitment of my life to the Lord that night. God ended up providing an unexpected place for me to rent at. Even after that God has developed in me the fruit of the Spirit dealing with new roommates and such. I would say many of the areas God has grown me in my first quarter is financial, practical, learning how to deal with difficult situations, and I feel like I have a greater boldness, and confidence in who God has made me to be in Christ. That’s not even the half of what He has done or what I have learned…I could write on and on. God is so good!!


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